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Tips To Carve The Best Pumpkin 

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5 Tips For Carving The Best Pumpkin

Pumpkins, Halloween, and all things spooky go hand in hand. Each year, we set out to make the year’s Halloween celebration unforgettable, and pumpkins are a big part of that. Most homes, buildings, and events use carved pumpkins in their decor. So, you may find yourself in a little competition with the artsy pumpkins lining your neighborhood. With these tips in your arsenal, you can DIY your way into Pumpkin carving royalty.

Are you new to pumpkin carving or looking for good tricks to get the best-carved pumpkin? Here are 5 tips to help you reach your goal.

Choose Your Pumpkin Carefully

Your carving skills will make little difference if you choose a bad pumpkin, so pay close attention to this tip. When choosing a pumpkin, pick one that has a good stem. Long or curvy stems will help you have a good grip on the pumpkin when carving the lid. Next, place it on an even surface to see its balance. If the base is too crooked or uneven, your pumpkin will look unattractive. It may also tip over, meaning that you don’t get to show off your hard work. Finally, ensure that you buy a firm pumpkin. Rotting pumpkins are difficult to carve, and you may end up throwing them away! This is perfect for a spooky Halloween party!

Cut the Bottom Layer

Getting seeds and pumpkin goop out of your pumpkin is easier when you cut the bottom. Most of these will fall out as soon as you make your hole. This method also helps you utilize the stem as a grip when you start scraping the pumpkin this Halloween season.

Scrape the Insides

Pumpkins often have thick walls that can make carving a difficult task. You can use a spoon or a potter’s loop to thin the insides of the pumpkin.

Make Design Sketches

Before you carve your designs into the pumpkin, sketch what you wish to create on a piece of paper. Drawing out your design helps you practice your idea without ruining the pumpkin. Next, use a pen or marker to trace the outline of your design on the pumpkin. It will serve as a guide when you begin carving.


Now is the time to bring your designs to life. Use small knives or cutting tools from your kit to carve out your sketch slowly. It’s always best to work in a room with good lighting so you don’t make mistakes. 

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