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How To Build The Best Haunted Horror House This Halloween

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The most exciting part of the Halloween holiday is dressing up in the coolest costumes, creating spooky looks, and transforming your homes however you’ve imagined. One of the most frequent Halloween home designs is the haunted horror house. If you are looking for tips to create the best-haunted horror house for your friends and family this Halloween, then look no further and read on. 

Create A Timeline 

To create a haunted horror home, you need to set up a timeline for planning, installing all props, and revealing the day, weeks before Halloween. Picking a date is an essential part of your preparation. Guests should know the day you want to showcase your Halloween designs before the set date. This is the very first step in building the best-haunted horror house.

Theme And Tone

There are several themes for a haunted horror house, and to achieve the reaction you want from your guests, it is essential to choose a storyline. The theme could be a ghost series, a possessed dollhouse, haunted forests, or creepy abandoned hospitals/asylums. This would evoke a feeling of fear in your guests. The theme determines how the props and decorations will be designed. You want your guests to sense the tone right from when they walk into the house, and you can achieve this with the right props. If you’re going for a very spooky, eerie tone, communicate that with your lighting and sound effects.

Select Actors 

Actors are like live props; they add a different feel to the entire setup. They give a more visual representation of the theme. Go extra and have people jump out of walls,  fake heads rolling on the floor (if it was a haunted abandoned house), bloody people in mirrors, and much more. Depending on the tone, this could create the atmosphere you want and leave your guests terrified and laughing. You can make use of friends and family as actors; it could be way more fun to have it be all-inclusive. There are several ways your actors could scare your guests; they could have a ghost walk by so fast, pop up in a dark room in the face of your guest, or make spooky sounds at a time when it is silent. All these set the mood for Halloween.

Choose Props 

Props and costumes are where the fun is for Halloween decorations. Having decided on the theme of your Halloween story, the props must match the chosen theme. The choice of lighting has to be minimal— you don’t want your guests to see where your spooky friends are. Dark rooms would create the eerie theme you desire. For instance, if you’re doing a ghost story, you want your ghost costumes to be as realistic as possible. You also wish to have blood spills where necessary, ghost sounds and crying effects, mirrors, pumpkins, grave areas, dolls, skulls, etc. The perfect haunted horror house requires the utmost attention to detail. You must stick to the theme when renting props for Halloween decorations. Create a pathway for your guests’ movements. Decorate your hallways with the appropriate props; this is the path your guests will follow to move around the haunted house. You could use a Maze design style to achieve this in your backyard or outside the compound leading inside the home.

Plan Age-Appropriate Activities 

Include activities that your guests could participate in. Perhaps you have invited children and want to make it less terrifying for them. You can have them carve pumpkins and design skulls. The children could play Treasure hunt games. They could play the role of a rescue team to save “a haunted doll.” You want activities that are still on theme but kid-friendly. You also want to entertain them by making treats and gift-pack provisions. If you’re going to have age groups of guests of both adults and kids, then it’s advised to have your Halloween party in sections— an adult section and a kids section. The adults can have a spooky, eerie experience, while the kids’ section could be more toned down.

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